Windows 10 Features That Benefit Small Businesses

Windows 10

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10, is a great appeal to large organizations and micro businesses alike. First off, this OS enables small firms to take security a notch higher. It also makes it easy for a company to deliver quality services to clients and enhances continuous innovation using a platform that keeps your firm abreast with the latest technology. Below are some of the features integrated into Windows 10, which will be beneficial to small businesses.

Universal Windows Interface

Typically, the operating system will be similar across all devices, ranging from the minute thin and light gadgets to the massive and powerful desktops, laptops, and PCs. This feature boosts efficiency, particularly when it comes to downloading business-related apps. With the one universal app store, you can n
ow download apps that are well-fitted for use in any device; hence eliminating the need to re-learn mobile versions of your favorite programs.


One factor that sets back a small business is cyber attacks. By using Windows 10 user interface, you can replace the conventional password protection approach with more secure alternatives like biometrics and hardware-based credentials. The Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello features, make it possible for your employees to log into apps without using passwords. Another handy element for beefing up your security is the Device Guard and Secure Boot. It enables you to hinder a
ny attacks, by only permitting devices to run trusted programs.


One characteristic you will love about Windows 10 is the user-friendliness of the interface. For instance, the initial pop-up Start menu that lacks in Windows 8 is back. It allows you to open folders, apps and access numerous locations. It also has more comprehensive tiles incorporated into the Start menu’s sidebar. The tiles serve as shortcuts to enable you find an app or document fast. Being able to navigate this software is essential for your business as it means completing tasks more quickly and efficiently.


Windows 10 comes packaged with an incredible digital assistant component dubbed Cortana. This feature is represented by the small circular icon located on the right of the Start Button. With this app, you can save notes and reminders, find files stored on your hard drive, track packages and lots more. Once you activate this app, you will find a tailored news feed and a glimpse of your routine schedules. Cortana is an extremely handy app for your small business. You can configure the app to remind you to mail documents, call a client, or mention a product the next time that you attend a meeting and many more. Besides, this app allows you to multitask between activities. To perform multiple tasks, activate the voice command. By doing this, you can ask Cortana to perform a calculation and type a reminder simultaneously.

Multiple Desktops

The multiple desktop feature added in Windows 10 is the key highlight of this software. It allows you to have several desktops, each running a different set of programs. This way, a business user can arrange multiple projects, which they may need to switch between when working. In a different scenario, the individual can attend a video conference and share a screen when giving a presentation, with the aid of a distinct virtual desktop. You won’t have to shut down other applications when sharing the files.


Watch the video below to know why Windows 10 is beneficial for Small Businesses.


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