Must Have Software for Successful Small Businesses


There is no denying that running your own small business is a lot of hard work. It’s even more work trying to run a successful small business, which is what all small business owners aspire to, but not all are able to reach. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses these days are just left struggling. The good news is that there is plenty of software out there designed for small businesses to help maximise your workforce, meet the needs of you business and your customers, and help move you from the “struggling” category into the “successful” one.


Human Resources Made Easy

Our top recommendation for small business software is a cutting edge Human Resource management software called Zenefits. Zenefits provides an easy to use, all in one solution for all of your business’s HR needs, including management of benefits, onboarding, and payroll processing. It really shines in its functionality for small businesses utilising the services of freelancers or independent contractors in addition to regular employees. The software is equipped to handle the unique tax needs of each type of employee seamlessly within the same program. The best part about Zenefits, however, is that many of these features can be set up to run automatically, so that after initial setup you may never need to waste time on these tasks again! That frees up a lot of time to focus on other, more important aspects of your small business.


Scheduling Without the Headache

Trying to coordinate hourly workers or a large volume of client meetings can quickly have you feeling like you’d rather tear your hair out, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Innovative new tools for scheduling both your workforce and your client base are popping up all the time. Some of our favourites are When I Work and Booker.

When I Work is the perfect software solution for scheduling hourly workers. It cuts down on employee absences and miscommunications by allowing your employees the opportunity to trade shifts and request time off from anywhere with the use of the When I Work mobile app. It really could not be simpler for you or your workforce. The app even allows you to select a shift that needs filling, then select potential employees who could fill it, and they will all receive a mobile alert and an email regarding the shift. The first of these people to accept the shift will be automatically scheduled.


Who’s Going To Keep All This Running Smoothly?

Of course, even the most well-designed software will do you no good if you’re having IT issues. Keep your small business running like a well-oiled machine with the right combination of productivity software for your business, and IT support to make sure that everything is up and running as it should be. One company we can recommend wholeheartedly is Mustard IT, an IT consultancy in London. They can do everything from designing a complete IT system for your small business to keeping it up with regular maintenance.


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