Business Intelligence Tools for the Small Businesses


Preserving the data is not sufficient for a small business. There is something more that you need to know about it. We often asked in our corporate strategy exams that what does this plan is saying? So, each and every plan has their different stories. Business intelligence tools are designed in such a way that it will let you know the story behind the data of your small business. Without looking on the random data or numbers, business intelligence tool will you a dashboard and report that combine the data into seamless tale. Let’s take a look on some widely used business intelligence tool for small business.


1. DBxtra

DBxtra assists with the non-technical concerns. it also traditionally generates the insights, which is reserved for the coders. DBxtra can be integrated with any kinds of databases. Also, it will allow you to access and dive into any sort database without knowing the ABC of SQL. DBxtra can perfectly retrieve any types of data and then you can turn that retrieved datas into charts, tables, PowerPoint presentations, pictures or anything you want. DBxtra is an ideal business intelligence tool for a small business indeed.


2. Sisense

Sisense’s main strength is it’s ability to drag & drop any sort of data set and combine them. This characteristic has made Sisense one of the best business intelligence tools. Suppose, you have the customer data of your CMS section and your sales data in your accounting & finance software. What you need to do is to open two database at a time with Sisense and build a bridge between two database. In other words, link between two types of customers available in the two database. Use the visual connector to accomplish it. Sisense will easily do it for your small business.


3. Pentaho

Pentaho has a wide range of users throughout the whole world. Pentaho offers both free and paid version. There are some limitations in the open source free version. But the paid version is very dynamic and can be a great business intelligence tool for any small business. Pentaho has smart intelligence and it will allow to build a connection between the databases without having any big degree on computer science. Pentaho insulates data with it’s big data integrator. This integrator is called “Adaptive Big Data Layer.” Any changes in data won’t affect your whole system. Pentaho looks after that.


4. Zoho Reports

Zoho is suitable for biggest sets of data. Sometimes, we notice that a small business possesses a huge figure of data. Zoho will be the perfect business intelligence tool for them. Like the other tools, Zoho does the same job; integration between data and combine them. Zoho offers five various pricing level. Meanwhile, zoho has free version as well.


Business Intelligences are great assistants for a small business. But point to be noted that you need to know your customers well also. It will help you to build a better relationship. Then go for the most economic and effective business intelligence plan. Make sure that you have adequate budget for the plan you are choosing. If everything alright then your small business is going to boom.

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